Camera Settings for LIVE Streaming Sports

In VLOG #040, Paul Richards takes the top PTZ cameras for live streaming sports from SONY, Vaddio and PTZOptics out to stream live sports. This video includes live test footage in 1080p 60fps in a real live sports environment with a joystick controller. Paul reviews the best camera settings for live streaming sports and a free camera settings guide is available for download below. The first camera reviewed is the PTZOptics 20X-SDI-G2 which was set up like all the other cameras about 20-30 feet from the sports field. The next camera was the SONY SRG-120DH followed by the SONY EVI-H100S. Two cameras from VADDIO were also used for streaming sports the: Vaddio ClearVIEW HD-20 and the Vaddio RoboShot 12X HD-SDI. Each camera was setup for live streaming sports with a RS-232 visca joystick controller.

Finding the ideal camera settings for live video is crucial for so many of use who are on video frequently via video conferences or webinars but also for video production professionals on site. Humans are creatures of habit and we are used to 24 frames per second. We are also usually forgiving when a live stream on YouTube has a blip or the Skype call we are on has a few seconds of jittery video.

In this article, we are going to talk about how to use standard photography methods to produce amazing video images. The reason camera settings are so uniquely important in live video is because there is often no chance for post production. If you have ever used YouTube live you know that once you live broadcast is over you video will live on to collect many more views on-demand.

Our Live Video Streaming Camera Settings Guide

In the “Live Video Streaming Camera Settings Guide” we review the ideal camera settings for most cameras including aperture, shutter speed and gain along with a variety of advanced features. This guide is a comprehensive overview for users tuning cameras for conference spaces, production studios, live sports and even performances with low light. Tuning your camera for a proper exposure is key to effective live streaming because in many cases there is no post production. This is as true in a corporate webinar as it is for live streaming competitive sports. Enjoy this live streaming camera settings guide built to be an informative tutorial on the foundations of photography and video camera operation. .

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