AFR Sports Board Game News for 8/23/16: 2016 Baseball Set Released! Kickstarter Updates

Welcome to the AFR News Desk, here’s links to all the stories discussed in this episode.

2016 In-Season set released for History Maker Baseball from

Sports Games Journal free download!

Kickstater Updates

Hat Trick Player Expansion goes to the printers.

Pine Tar 1915 Season has 1 week left and 1 stretch goal left to unlock.

Payoff Pitch Baseball 1948 campaign is funded and all goals unlocked. Just 6 days left!

Dice Nutz celebrating 1 year and you can save 25%. Head to the Delphi forums to find out how.

New Releases

1970 season for Everyday Player Baseball

1976 Homebrew free download. Made by David Grey for Second Season Football.

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